Mason has more than 25 years of computer skills as Developer, DevOps and Network Engineer ; since age of 11 started programming starting Comodore Basic then MS-DOS Pascal, later switched to VB and .NET, PHP, C++ and Python.
He did not limit himself into just coding but mastered networking with skills in BGP and MPLS and adopting 802.11 for ISP service in the early 2000s
Throughout 2007 to 2010 The later mastered and designed deployed telemetry project that consisted IOT and Embedded device programming, electronic design and this was many years before Rasperry Pi or Adruino.
by early 2010s he moved on to develop telecommunication for VoIP services. since 2015 he has focused on Web technologies,
Web and Mobile app based on latest ASP NET Core, WebAssembly, React and React Native. and he currently leading a team of 7 developers across the world. His favorite platform is Debian based linux even though he started with RedHad in early 2003.